Leading Charge worked with the Board appointed Car Charging Committee for Washington Square Condominiums in Bellevue to explore options for providing fair and equitable access to car charging to all residents. Previous efforts in determining a way to potentially install a level 2 car charger in each space were cost prohibitive and still did not guarantee power for all 577 spaces. 

Together with an electrician, Leading Charge introduced Powerflex networked charging and provided a solution that would allocate 800 of the existing 3,500 amps already provisioned for use on the property, offering a savings of 40% less than the previous bid for increased power supply. 

The installation would include:

  • Power for car charging available at every parking level.
  • Each condominium owner would be able to access power for installation of a charger in their space, at their cost.
  • Every one of the 577 stalls would receive a minimum of 30 miles of charge during a 10 hour overnight charge.
  • For $20 per month , per stall ($400 maximum property charge) each charger will be connected with the load management controller (LMC) for access to the charger app.
  • The app allows for customized charging options for each parking space with a car charger.
  • Additional chargers can be added or eliminated as demand for electric vehicles fluctuates.
  • Association management and Board will have a dashboard to indicate and monitor charging statistics, activity, and power usage.
  • The Association may choose to charge a service fee and be reimbursed for power through the app’s billing module.

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