Vehicle charging solutions

Leading Charge works directly with the manufacturer of revolutionary electric vehicle (EV) charging systems that allow for a multi-charger network to be installed into virtually ANY location. In nearly every case, there’s no need to bring in additional electric service, which can save your project budget tens of thousands of dollars!

Using a proprietary Load Management Control (LMC) device, your new charging network will real-time monitor your property, facility, or community’s total electric capacity and the amount of electricity being used throughout. It will then identify the net, unused electric capacity and deliver it out to a network of chargers, while prioritizing and efficiently distributing the electricity on a driver-need basis.

For Every Fleet, Building, and Community

Our team works with multiple EV service equipment manufacturers to ensure every customer will be set up with the right vehicle charging system for your project. Leading Charge are experts at helping multi-unit property, business parking lot, or fleet managers and owners identify your current needs and forecast for the future – all at the right price for your budget.

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We will help guide you through the entire process, including sourcing qualified electricians, reviewing quotes for installation, meeting with your team/board/homeowners, and ensuring proper software setup with the manufacturer – at NO additional cost to your project!​

Adaptive Load Management

Load Management Control devices switch between resident/business needs and car charging needs, with building operations taking priority. That means that if an owner or tenant isn’t using the stove, dryer or electric heating in their unit (for example), that unused capacity can be siphoned off and used for car charging. 

Stand alone chargers

Our LMCs have the ability to monitor and send power to Level 2 AND Level 3 chargers, if a mix is needed for your community or fleet. No project is too small – by partnering with multiple EV equipment manufacturers, we can help you build a network for many, or place just a few chargers; whatever best suits your current and future goals!


Drivers will have the ability to create and save a profile with their vehicle type, and receive charging froecast when they plug in. In addition, they can be billed in-app for the electricity used, on a charge-by-charge basis. 

maximize your project impact

Introducing car charging as an end-goal when considering new and retrofit projects to increase your community, business, or new development’s “green” impact is an excellent and previously unthought of way to exponentially increase efficiency and environmental impacts, and Leading Charge is ready to help.


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