Generate Income with Community EV Charging at Your Property

-Peter Vierthaler

One year ago I installed a smart charger at my property in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. I have solar panels on the roof and was generating much more electricity than I could use. I had one parking space situated right next to the electric room that was ideal for vehicles from the local community to come and charge. There wasn’t another charger for a half mile in any direction. It was slow going at first and took a while for the charger to get much use.

At about 6 months in I began to see more activity. I am not sure why it stepped up, maybe more EV purchases in the surrounding neighborhood. Today we are at about 25 charges per month. Mostly regulars but I do see some guests as well. I have kept the price low to help gain momentum.

I only charge $0.95 per hour, most chargers run about $1.50 per hour. I decided to leave it at $0.95 per hour until the 31st of March when Seattle City Light takes away the 25,000 Kwh that I had stored up over the past 4 years. Thereafter I am hoping that my solar generation will equal the charging usage. Ideally my electricity cost will be close to zero and I will be able to pocket the charging fees.

There are two methods of billing drivers for charging. The first is by the number of Kwh used and the second is an hourly charge based on time the vehicle is plugged in. I charge on an hourly basis which works out better than charging per Kwh delivered. I get paid even while the vehicle is plugged in and not charging. This adds about 20 percent to my revenue stream. I currently generate about $80 per month in gross income. Net income will depend on the cost of your electricity.

If you have available public parking you may want to look into being a fueling station for your community. Check the PlugShare app first to see how much available charging there is around you and how far away it is. EV drivers aren’t going to want to walk more than 3 to 4 blocks to your charger. Do you have enough density surrounding you? Single family homes will typically have their own chargers and won’t need yours.

If you are considering community charging let us know. Leading Charge can analyze your neighborhood and let you know which will be the optimal charger(s) for your location!

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