Beat the Rush!

Beat The Rush!

After more than a decade of hype, there are signs that the electric vehicle (EV) market is becoming a reality. That portends well for the sellers of EV charging equipment (EVSE). The industry has been somewhat ahead of its time, but EVs are finally catching up.

Now there are 30 plus manufacturers of electric vehicles all at different stages of their output. Everything from the high-end, exclusively EV Tesla with production of around 1,000,000 per year to Ford with just 20,000 per year.

Ford is already selling its electric version of the Mustang and will begin sales of its F-150 truck this spring. The F-150 focuses on utility, and will provide plug in power for tools and act as a generator for home power outages. Both features are of huge value to suburban contractors and homeowners. I am a big fan of converting legacy vehicles to electric because they already have a customer base. I am betting that Ford will come out a winner in the coming years. Ford expects to ramp up EV production to 40 to 50% of its total production by 2030.

Along with more EV production and competition come reduced vehicle prices. The lowest I have seen is for the Dacia Spring. It is sold in Europe by Renault and is built in China. It has a range of 150 miles and is priced under $22,000, and with incentives: under $16,000. Eventually vehicles such as these will become available in the U.S.. What does all of this mean for property owners that want to stay ahead of the curve for EV charging? Hurry!

Why the hurry? Because as EV adoption explodes the demand for load managed charging will explode as well. Load managed systems can charge many times the vehicles without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for electric transformer and capacity upgrades. Unfortunately, the companies with the best systems are still in their infancy and lead times have increased due to manufacturing capacity, the availability of parts, and a shortage of qualified electricians.

Leading Charge is at the forefront of the best, low cost, technologies available in the industry and can be your guide to the best charging technology specific to your building. If you are serious about providing your EV owners with a convenient and inexpensive method of fueling and want to create more revenue, increased resident retention and a higher property value, the time is now!

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