Project Profile – EV Charging for The Village @ Edmonds Westgate

Project Name: The Village Apartments at Westgate

Address: Edmonds WA

Project Description: 91 rental units with both surface and underground parking.


Need: The property is new development, completed in 2019, and wanted a solution for introducing charging that would provide savings on electric service infrastructure while still offering the ability to grow with more chargers as the demand for electrical vehicles increases.

Management’s Request:  Create a solution for car charging at The Village that would provide additional income for the property. It should provide billing capability for monthly charges, hook-up fees and/or for the full reimbursement of electric costs.

Leading Charge Solution: Install one load management controller and seven car charging stations, two are fully reserved and five are first-come, first-serve. The load management controller can eventually manage up to 100 chargers in any configuration required by building management. Also:

  • Power for car charging will be available on every parking level.
  • EV owners are charged an extra $25 on top of the regular monthly parking fees for first-come, first-served chargers, and an extra $50 on top of regular monthly parking fees for fully reserved chargers.
  • A $15.00 per month, per charger fee allows for activation and support of the online app. The app is used to manage the drivers’ charging and bill a credit card for fees and electricity reimbursement.
  • The proprietary app allows for customized billing options for each charging space. This includes reimbursement for the power used by the vehicle.
  • Additional chargers are easy to add as demand for charging increases.
  • Management is provided an online, real time, dashboard to track charging statistics and power usage.

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