Leading Charge offers condominium associations the ability to provide charging for your property without bringing new power from the street! Our systems allow for up to hundreds of chargers, rather than the five to ten allowed based on your current electric system’s configuration. All owners get equal access to excess electric capacity and the cost of electricity used in charging is tracked for each individual and reimbursed to the homeowner association.


Our system costs about half of standard offerings and in most cases, eliminates the cost of bringing additional power to the building.

what is the first step to get a project started?

Review this post and the rest of our site, then contact us to set up a free evaluation of your property. Our team members are charging experts, here to help you understand the process and find the best solution for your community!


Leading Charge can be reached by contacting the Northwest Partners office line, Monday-Friday 7A-5P: (206) 784-0920

You can email us any time at:

At no additional cost to your project, our team will:

  • Meet with you at your property to discuss options
  • Recommend the best system for your current and future needs
  • Provide you the opportunity for competitive bidding for your project
  • Monitor your installation and make recommendations as applicable

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