how can leading charge help future-proof your investment?

Our team offers building developers, owners, and operators the ability to attract and retain high quality residents to multi-family buildings with state-of-the-art car charging in the parking lot or garage! Affordably priced electric vehicles are rapidly increasing in popularity, and residents are willing to pay $25 to $50 more each month for a parking stall with dedicated charging. New technology allows for electric use tracking, billing, and reimbursement to the owner!


Our systems cost up to half of standard offerings and, in most cases, eliminate the need to and cost of bringing additional power to the building. Easily grow and expand your charger network as demand requires and go well beyond the five to ten chargers you may be limited to without introducing our revolutionary products.

what is the first step to get a project started?

Review this post and the rest of our site, then contact us to set up a free evaluation of your property. Our team members are charging experts, here to help you understand the process and find the best solution for your investment!


Leading Charge can be reached by contacting the Northwest Partners office line, Monday-Friday 7A-5P: (206) 784-0920

You can email us any time at:

At no additional cost to your project, our team will:

  • Meet with you at your property to discuss options
  • Recommend the best system for your current and future needs
  • Provide you the opportunity for competitive bidding for your project
  • Monitor your installation and make recommendations as applicable

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