Leading Charge

New, Innovative Charging Systems and Load Management for any Apartment, Condo, Office, Retail, Hotel or Fleet

Designed to fit your project

Custom solutions for maximizing existing infrastructure and allocating power where and when it's needed most

maximize your revenue

Turn your garage into the gas station of the future and add value to your property with an additional revenue stream

From 1 charger to 500 - we've got you covered

As charging demand increases, we can plan your system for easy growth to make sure you're not being left behind

Hands off billing and management

Simplified cloud based platforms and back end management allows for easy and stress-free operation

the future is here

Electric vehicles are now mainstream with more options available than ever before!  

Provide an additional amenity that can create a new income stream and make your property more valuable to a wider range of potential tenants, customers, and employees.

our vision

Conservation for capacity is our driving force at Leading Charge, and we aim to arm developers, and building owners with the tools to turn their garages and parking lots into the gas stations of the future. That means the more energy conservation measures you undertake at your property, the more capacity you will have for charging electric vehicles! 

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Generating Income in New Ways; Introducing EV Charging as an Amenity

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